Alcohol and drug rehab treatment in Bedworth


Drug and Alcohol Addiction Statistics near Bedworth, Warwickshire

According to the Office of National Statistics, 40 drug-related deaths were registered in 2021 across Warwickshire. It was the highest number recorded due to drug misuse. Deaths and accidents due to alcohol addiction have also been on the rise in the county with many people being arrested for drunk driving during a week-long operation in 2022.

Alcohol or substance addiction affects every aspect of an individual’s life. Dealing with such a challenging situation requires professional help and an appropriate support system. Enrolling at an addiction treatment facility, therefore, is paramount.

If you are looking for a rehab centre, check out a UKAT centre near Bedworth. You can get excellent treatment, a safe and comfortable atmosphere and complete support to help you or your loved one overcome addiction.

Why Choose Banbury Lodge Rehab Clinic near Bedworth, Warwickshire?

UKAT has rehab facilities all over the United Kingdom that offer comprehensive treatment for alcohol and substance addiction and eating disorders. You can contact any of the following centres to seek help: Sanctuary Lodge, Liberty House, Linwood House, Oasis Runcorn, Oasis Bradford, Primrose Lodge and Recovery Lighthouse.

Banbury Lodge is a private drug and alcohol rehab centre near Bedworth, Warwickshire. It offers specialised treatment to help you break free from the cycle of addiction with support from well-trained addiction specialists and medical professionals.

Banbury Lodge is a peaceful and comfortable rehab centre around 44 miles from Bedworth, Warwickshire. It will take you approximately 54 minutes via M40 to reach the rehab. It is an excellent clinic set amidst the peaceful environs of Banbury, Oxfordshire. It is easily accessible from all the major cities by road and rail.

The centre provides a structured recovery programme to help you set goals for lifelong sobriety and a better future. It offers 24/7 support and care. Addiction treatment at this rehab is funded by BUPA and AXA health insurance policies.

Some special features of the Banbury Lodge are:

  • 22 private ensuite bedrooms
  • Serene surroundings
  • Gymnasium
  • Personal chef
  • Accommodations for teenagers dealing with eating disorders

Pictures of Banbury Lodge

The peaceful countryside of Oxfordshire provides the perfect setting to help you relax and rejuvenate and look forward to a better life. Take a look at the luxurious indoor areas of this alcohol rehab centre near Bedworth.

Banbury Lodge rehab picture 4
Banbury Lodge rehab picture 5
Banbury Lodge rehab picture 6

Treatment Options at Banbury Lodge near Bedworth

After conducting a detailed health assessment, experienced doctors and therapists create a bespoke treatment programme suited to your needs.

Besides alcohol and substance addiction, you can get treatment for behavioural addictions, such as shopping, gambling, gaming, internet and porn addiction.

Comprehensive treatment plans typically consist of:

  • 12-step therapy
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Healthy eating
  • Art therapy
  • Holistic therapy
  • Physical health therapy
  • Yoga and meditation

What People Have to Say about Banbury Lodge near Bedworth

Banbury Lodge offers impeccable treatment plans to help you defeat addiction and turn a new leaf. Here’s what some clients have to say about the services:

“The therapy is good, it’s allowed me to open up and dig deep into my past. I’ve felt very listened to. The accommodation is what you need, the programme is structured well and set up well. Overall a really good experience and it has really helped me.” — T.B.


“The therapy is of a high standard and is challenging just when it is required. The support staff are amazing and always available. The programme is structured and aligned with proven programmes which have been shown to work, such as AA NA and CA. Overall coming to Banbury Lodge has been a really positive action and a really positive experience.” — P.B.


“My experience was overall fantastic. I enjoyed all group sessions, the centre, and found the staff amazing. Thank you all!” — P.H.


Free Addiction Treatment Services/Support Groups near Bedworth

If you find it difficult to access private addiction programmes, please do not lose heart. Here’s a list of free addiction programmes in and near Bedworth to help you get started on your recovery journey.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in or near Bedworth, Warwickshire


Hatters Space, Upper Abbey St,

CV11 5DN

Time: Thursday 19:30

Nuneaton Daily Reflections

Manor Court Baptist Church, Manor Court Rd

CV11 5HU

Time: Monday 20:00


Sacred Heart Church, Harefield Rd


Time: Monday 20:00

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) in or near Bedworth, Warwickshire

Bedworth Wednesday NA

West Midlands area

Bedworth Wesleyan Reform Church,

Bulkington Road,

Bedworth, Warwickshire

CV12 9DN

Time: Wednesday 19:30

Rugby Wednesday

Lounge, Hope 4, 8 Newbold Road,

Rugby, Warwickshire

CV21 2LJ

Time: Wednesday 19:30

Leamington Monday Narcotics Anonymous Meeting

St. Marks Church, St. Marks Road

Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

CV32 6DL

Time: Monday 19:30

Cocaine Anonymous (CA) in or near Bedworth, Warwickshire

Cocaine Anonymous

Bulkington club for young people,

Bulkington, Bedworth, Warwickshire

CV12 9RJ

Time: Wednesday 19:30

Cocaine Anonymous

St Laurence’s Church Hall

Old Church Road, Coventry, Midlands


Time: Tuesday 19:45

Cocaine Anonymous

Stephen’s Church

Charter Ave, Coventry, Warwickshire

Time: Thursday 20:00

Travelling to Banbury Lodge from Bedworth, Warwickshire

Bedworth is a market town in Warwickshire. It sits between Coventry and Nuneaton and boasts a robust transport system. You can easily access neighbouring villages and towns.

Here’s how you can travel to the Banbury Lodge from Bedworth:

By road: You can drive down to the drug rehab centre near Bedworth either by a private vehicle or a taxi in about 43 minutes. It is the fastest way to reach Banbury from Bedworth. Or you can take the Line 148 bus to Banbury which takes around 1 hour and 56 minutes.

By rail: There are no direct train services from Bedworth to Banbury. However, there are train services from Bedworth via Leamington Spa, which take a little more than an hour to reach Banbury.

Find a Rehabilitation Centre near Bedworth

Addiction is challenging. But, with determination, hard work and the right support, you can defeat it and come out victorious. If you are struggling with addiction, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Get help now!

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