At Banbury Lodge, we firmly believe that your recovery journey does not end when your treatment programme does. The first few weeks of life after rehab can be especially challenging, so we have sought to offer our ex-clients a solid support network to help them find their footing once they return home. This is known as rehab aftercare.

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Life after rehab

For residents completing their stay at Banbury Lodge, it is likely that life after rehab is going to look significantly different for each of them. Perhaps they have busy jobs, financial insecurities, or stressful home environments to return to. Whatever the case, the prospect of coming home after rehab, especially so soon after leaving the comfort of a treatment centre, can seem like a monumental task for many. However, Banbury Lodge has options available to ease the transition, offering ex-clients one year’s free aftercare to facilitate a long and lasting recovery.

Rehab aftercare

Whatever dependency you might be suffering from, aftercare is such a wonderful tool as it helps to ease the transition between rehab and everyday life. At Banbury Lodge, every client that has recovered with us will have access to twelve months of free aftercare. This gives them a chance to keep an open line of communication with other past residents, supported by a trained counsellor who can discuss their issues in an open, supportive environment. Held on a weekly basis, rehab aftercare sessions typically run for about 1.5 hours and are carried out over Zoom.

In total, we provide fifty-two free group therapy sessions when you complete your rehab programme, so you can continue communicating with peers about your progress. You can share any achievements you have made, the obstacles you’ve faced or anything else you wish to discuss. Others will also share their successes and concerns, so you can work through everything as a team and learn from each other’s experiences. This is also an opportunity to share the details of other available meetings in the area.

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If you have any questions regarding Banbury Lodge or would like more information about our aftercare programme, please contact our friendly admissions team today, where a member of our knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to talk through your queries in more detail.

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