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Welcome to Banbury Lodge, a private rehabilitation centre based in the stunning Oxfordshire countryside. Dedicated to supporting clients to overcome various drug, alcohol, and behavioural-related addictions, we are proud to offer our residents the best available care as they begin their journeys towards long and lasting recovery.


What we do

Banbury Lodge is well-equipped to treat residents for a number of addictions, which include:

With a truly client-centred approach to healing, our main objective is to enable individuals to start living their lives their way, providing them with the necessary tools to change their thought patterns and shift their perspectives from addiction toward freedom and happiness.

What makes us special

Banbury Lodge is part of the UKAT group, one of the largest recovery networks in the UK. At each of our UKAT centres, we firmly believe that those with a history of addiction are some of the best qualified to support others in their own journeys. For this reason, our clinic is well-staffed with a fantastic team, a majority of whom are in recovery themselves. We found that this approach to rehabilitation enables our residents to feel secure and comfortable that those within their space have seen similar challenges themselves, lending a compassionate ear as clients work together with staff to see the other side of their addiction.

Another element of Banbury Lodge that stands us apart from other centres comes with our treatment. As one of the only facilities in the UK registered to treat alcoholism, drug addiction, and eating disorders in those aged sixteen to nineteen, we can provide specialised care to younger clients who are struggling with addiction, offering tailored support to a greater scope of clients in need. Not just this, but Banbury Lodge provides a range of therapeutic treatment models to all our clients, with our holistic approach to healing that allows residents to tap into a number of activities over the course of their stay. Some of the unique therapies we provide include the following:

Our facilities

At our centre, we understand just how nerve-wracking it can feel to stay in a new environment, away from your home comforts and the ones you love. However, our goal when building this facility was to instil our environment with an atmosphere of warmth and relaxation, showing our clients that Banbury Lodge can exist as a sanctuary for them or a home away from home. With twenty-three private rooms and two shared, our facility also has a great deal of shared and solitary spaces, including an in-house gym and more. With numerous individual therapy and group rooms, there is plenty of space for our clients to network but also to relax in the evenings and process some of the information gained during their daily activities.

Start healing with Banbury Lodge today

At Banbury Lodge, our aim is to provide you with all the tools you need to get your life back on the right track, and as such, we offer excellent detox and rehabilitation programmes, with family recovery plans and free lifetime aftercare support provided as standard. Alongside this, we are armed with a fantastic staff team, all dedicated to your well-being and continued recovery. If you would like to learn any more about Banbury Lodge and what we have to offer you, contact a friendly member of our admissions team right away for more information.

Why residential rehab works

We focus on your journey, history, life concerns and open your eyes to how your current destructive behaviours and thought patterns are reversable. With the right help and devotion “You Can Recover”.

Call Now 0203 553 3757
Call Now 0203 553 3757

Call Now 0203 553 3757

Banbury Lodge centre
Addiction – It’s a family disease
Family involvement

We will encourage your loved ones to get involved in your recovery and will invite them to take part in family therapy sessions, which may be in a group setting or on a one-to-one basis with your counsellor. The aim of these sessions is to help the family unit move forward.

Lifetime aftercare

Your recovery does not end when your treatment programme does. Our mission is to enable your lifetime recovery therefore we have created a UK first lifetime aftercare support network called UKAT Alumni. Call for more information on how life starts after rehab!

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Who am I contacting?

Calls and contact requests are answered by admissions at

UK Addiction Treatment Group.

We look forward to helping you take your first step.

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