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Lucy Bradbury
Centre Manager Banbury Lodge
Lucy began working in the field of substance misuse in 2013. Since this time she has worked in various roles in community and custodial settings supporting adolescents and adults with a number of complex needs.
Lucy remains passionate about supporting individuals to achieve their potential and live substance free lives. Lucy joined UKAT as Centre Manager at Banbury Lodge in 2024 and looks forward to a new challenge.
Dimitra Theofili - Banbury Lodge - Addictions and Eating Disorders Therapist
Dimitra Theofili
Lead Therapist
Dimitra Theofili holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, a MSc degree in Forensic Psychology and Criminology and a Master Practitioner Diploma in Eating Disorders and Obesity . She has extended training in Systemic and family therapy, systemic counselling, rewind- trauma therapy, anger management, self harm and suicide prevention treatment and team leading. She is a qualified therapist and registered member of BACP.
Dimitra is an experienced therapist with a proven history of working in mental health care. She started her professional career in the addiction & recovery field in 2004 as a social worker in NGO “Return” in Greece. There she completed her bachelor’s research in women’s alcoholism. It was rated as “excellent” and published by the University of Crete. During her research, Dimitra had first-hand experience of the struggles people with addiction would face and group therapy. She could see what was required to free oneself from addiction; both of the person suffering from the illness and of their loved ones. Her areas of expertise are group therapy, eating disorders, addiction counselling, couple’s therapy, crisis intervention, anger management and individual counselling. Dimitra had also worked as a special consultant in the Haemodialysis Unit of Henry Dunant Hospital of Athens, in the mental health rehabilitation Centre “Iremia” and in the recovery and rehabilitation centre “Filoktitis”. For the past 15 years, Dimitra is also working as a systemic, family therapist and eating disorder therapist in her private practice.
Laura Ene - Banbury Lodge - Nurse
Laura Ene

Laura joined Banbury Lodge team in November 2018, driven by the desire to help people who have come across addiction in their life, and she believes that substance misuse treatment should not only be replaced by prescribed medication but part of a holistic approach towards recovery, following a plan put together by a multidisciplinary team, covering all the aspects of one’s well being.

She has been using her general medical knowledge to help the clients at Banbury Lodge achieve an acceptable level of physical wellbeing whilst undergoing detox treatment, in order to be able to focus on the personal and psychological aspects of their lives, and ultimately, achieve recovery from substance misuse and addiction.

Her professional experience begins when she qualified as a general adult nurse in 2015 and began her career working as a nurse in elderly, dementia and palliative care field. She acquired a wide range of experience in the medical field while working in a nursing home, dealing with a variety of illnesses commonly occurring in elderly patients.

In 2018 she started working on a surgical ward, where she gathered experience in managing patients post-op. She underwent extensive training in order to fulfill her nursing duties and provide the best of care towards her patients, with a portfolio comprising venepuncture, catheterisation, BLS (basic life support), ILS (immediate life support), AIMS (acute illness management), early warning signs of deteriorating health, use of AED, intravenous drug administration, pain management, extensive wound management and more.

During her time spent as a nurse in the surgical ward, she developed a particular interest in pain management and how it is sometimes associated with substance misuse.

Anna Zielinkska
Anna is an Integrative counsellor, offering a diverse range of therapeutic modalities to her clients. With a foundation in Person-Centred therapy, she creates a warm and empathetic environment for individuals to explore their emotions and experiences, fostering a deep sense of self-awareness and self-acceptance.
Anna believes in the power of a strong therapeutic relationship in facilitating personal growth and healing. In addition to Person-Centred therapy, Anna incorporates Gestalt therapy into her practice, encouraging clients to focus on the present moment and the integration of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. Through Gestalt techniques, Anna guides her clients in understanding how they relate to themselves and others, ultimately helping them make meaningful changes in their lives. Anna also utilises Transactional Analysis, a modality that helps clients gain insight into their interpersonal relationships and communication patterns. With this approach, she supports clients in identifying and modifying unproductive patterns, promoting healthier interactions and self-empowerment. Anna has a wealth of experience, particularly in the field of addiction, having worked in this area for six years. Moreover, Anna specialises in working with cult survivors, offering them a safe and nonjudgmental space to process their unique experiences and heal from the trauma they may have endured. Being bilingual in Polish and English, with a solid understanding of Slovakian and Ukrainian, Anna is able to serve a diverse range of clients, breaking down language barriers to provide effective counselling and support. Anna also has a strong background in working with young adults, recognizing the unique challenges and transitions that this age group faces. Her approach is tailored to their specific needs, helping them navigate the complexities of adolescence and early adulthood
Caroline Tucker
Caroline qualified last year as an Integrative Counsellor incorporating Person-Centred, Transactional Analysis and Gestalt therapies.
She has worked with differing presenting issues but has a particular interest in attachment, relationships and trauma. She has joined Banbury Lodge as she finds group work to be hugely rewarding.
Sian Lewis - Addiction Therapist
Sian Lewis
Addiction Therapist
I am a qualified Counsellor practicing in Person Centred Therapy and Wellbeing, currently working as a Counsellor and Wellbeing being Therapist for West London University. Trained in depression, trauma, substance abuse and bereavement, the majority of my background has been working in the mental health sector. Over the years I have worked with both children and adults with autism and a variety complex mental health issues.
When applicable, I have also started to introduce the medium of art into my practice. I feel this can help to unblock negativity and aid clients in understanding their emotions, this allowing clients to express feelings and thoughts that they otherwise struggle to. In my private practice I run Walking Talking Therapy, giving people the opportunity to talk, exercise and have new surroundings. I am thrilled to be joining Banbury Lodge and helping in the recovery journey for clients.
David Farr
Bank Therapist
David has worked in addiction treatment since 2014. He worked in community services before moving into residential treatment centres in 2017.
Mike Pitman
Bank Therapist
Mike is an HCPC registered art therapist. Art therapy is a form of therapy that uses art-making alongside traditional talking-therapy, although, talking is not always essential. Art therapy can help us to express the most complex and hidden parts of ourselves using the created image as part of the therapeutic process.
Furthermore, art-making as an activity can relieve stress and build confidence in learning new skills. Mike has worked as an art therapist in secondary schools with adolescent clients and in a mental health community prison with adult male clients. His clinical experience so far has focused on clients with learning difficulties and autism and has experience working with clients with anxiety, depression, personality disorders and complex trauma. Mike uses a person-centered approach in the belief that you are the only expert on yourself. You do not need to be an artist to benefit from art therapy!
Elizabeth Foulds - Banbury Lodge - Senior Recovery Support Worker
Elizabeth Foulds
Senior Recovery Support Worker
Elizabeth joined the Banbury Lodge team with a good level of previous experience of working in the health and social care sector, Elizabeth is excited to have joined the recovery support team and in particular, as this relates to her own ongoing psychology studies.
Rhianne Durnion - Recovery Support Worker
Rhianne Durnion
Recovery Support Worker
I have over five years of experience working within the care sector and customer facing roles that have helped me develop a compassionate and professional approach to care. I love to get to know all clients, so I can understand their individual needs in order to support patients in overcoming their addictions. I look forward to furthering my knowledge of addiction and to bring my positive, hard working attitude to join the team at Banbury Lodge.
Daisy Thompson - Recovery Support Worker
Daisy Thompson
Recovery Support Worker
I am looking forward to have direct client interaction within the treatment setting and providing support on to clients on a daily basis. I joined Banbury lodge looking for a change within the health care sector after being part of it for 2 years. I have an enthusiasm in personal centred and addiction and am looking forward to being part of the team.
Evelyn Cox
Recovery Support worker
I have worked in social care for the past six years and have a professional, compassionate and understanding approach.
I've come to Banbury lodge with an interest in working and developing my skills with individuals who have addictions, being a part of their journey, while working within a team dynamic.
Daisy-Mae Hartwell
Bank Recovery Support Worker
I have worked within healthcare for the last 6 years in different sectors which has allowed me to gain a wide range of knowledge regarding medical needs, conditions and effective communication within a healthcare environment. I’m extremely compassionate and driven in what I do which helps me provide the best person centred support.
I'm excited for my new venture in addiction and seeing what difference I can make to people in need.
Olivia Palin
Bank Support Worker
Olivia has worked in addiction since 2022, after completing a health and social care degree and focusing on their dissertation on how parental substance misuse impacts the life chances of their children.
Olivia is interested in meeting all sorts of people from all walks of life and looks forward to working as part of an amazing team.
Dave Turner
Bank Support Worker
Dave has worked in an international College (14 To 17 Year Olds) for over 4 Years and has gained important knowledge and experience into how young minds think and act.
Dave has a College Degree in Drug and Alcohol Counselling Level 4 which he completed with a Distinction in 2012. Dave is in long term recovery from both smoking and Alcohol abuse, therefore, he has a vast scope of knowledge and experience on this very sad and unfortunate addiction and the awful stigma that attaches itself that comes with it.
Kevin Bancroft - Walking Night Support Worker
Kevin Bancroft
Walking Night Support Worker
Kevin has worked with substance misuse clients since the year 2000. Having worked for the 'Ley Community', a 51 bed therapeutic residential rehab for over 10 years. He has also worked front line for 'St Mungos 'and other related homeless residential hostels and projects in and around the Oxfordshire area.
Having a wealth of experience working with vulnerable people for over 20 years in various settings he has a very good understanding and knowledge of both Addiction and Recovery. Feeling Positive about working alongside the staff team and supporting the clients with their journey into recovery at Banbury Lodge.
Shah Mahmood
Bank Night Support Worker
Shah is a night support worker who has worked in various hostels. Shah has provided support to people with gambling addiction, drug and alcohol abuse.
Shah has taken employment up with Banbury Lodge as a Bank Night Support Worker with the intentions of inspiring independence and success in helping the people they support overcome their addiction.
Eve Ho
Eve started working at Banbury Lodge in June 2024 as a housekeeper. She previously worked in a hotel in Banbury as a Housekeeping Supervisor for 1 year and 10 months.
Eve has a proven track record of working effectively in providing cleaning services and consistently works hard on daily tasks. Her adaptability allows her to work in various environments and communicate with people from diverse backgrounds. Eve is happy to be a member of the Housekeeping Team at Banbury Lodge, where she contributes to providing excellent cleaning services to the guests.
Katalin Peto Kuruczne
Bank Chef
Katalin wanted to work with the Banbury Lodge team because she greatly admires their dedication.
She had been searching for her place for a long time and desired to be part of a good team. Katalin finds it fulfilling to belong to a community that fosters growth, where collaborative work brings out the best in everyone.
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