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Statistics on Addiction in Newbury

Addiction is a significant problem that affects millions of people globally, including in the UK. The town of Newbury in Berkshire is not immune to this issue, with a growing number of individuals struggling with addiction. The coroner of Berkshire reported 50 drug and alcohol-related deaths in 2020. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), there were 4,859 drug-related deaths in England and Wales in 2021, which is the highest number ever recorded.

Having a rehab centre near Newbury is essential to addressing this issue. With the right support and guidance, individuals struggling with addiction can overcome their challenges and regain control of their lives.

If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, it is important to seek help as soon as possible. A rehab centre provides a safe and supportive environment for individuals to begin their recovery journey. By changing the surroundings of the person suffering, you can ensure a break in the cycle of addiction and help them on their path to recovery.

Whether you are looking for help for yourself or a loved one, we have a solution for you.

Why choose Banbury Lodge for drug and alcohol rehab near Newbury?

Looking for a way to get back on track and take control of your life? Look no further than UKAT – the provider of rehabilitation services across the United Kingdom! With multiple state-of-the-art facilities, the drug and alcohol rehab centres are ready to help you start your journey towards a brighter future. The facilities are – Banbury Lodge, Liberty House, Oasis Runcorn, Recovery Lighthouse, Oasis Bradford, Primrose Lodge, and Sanctuary Lodge.

Banbury Lodge is a residential rehab near Newbury. It is a haven of peace and tranquillity nestled in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside. Here, we offer world-class services designed to help individuals overcome drug and alcohol addiction and achieve lasting success.

Our staff team of experienced professionals is the backbone of our centre. From our highly qualified therapists to our compassionate addiction counsellors, everyone on our team has experience dealing with addiction and related mental health issues.

Accessibility is key at this rehab facility near Newbury. We are pleased to offer easy access from surrounding regions, including Oxford, Birmingham, and London. Whether you choose to drive or take the train, our facility is easily reachable.

Our luxurious amenities and services are second to none. We provide our clients with the comfort and care they need to feel at home during their stay. At this rehab clinic near Newbury, we believe that no two individuals are the same, and that’s why we take a personalised approach to treatment. Our treatment programs are carefully crafted to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring that they receive the support they need to achieve lasting recovery.

Our expert team of therapists and counsellors use a variety of techniques, including:

  • Cognitive-behavioural therapy
  • 12-step facilitation
  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction
  • Luxurious rooms
  • Free-of-cost lifetime aftercare
  • Relapse prevention
  • Transport accommodation
  • 24 hours support

Virtual tour of Banbury Lodge

Banbury Lodge has state-of-the-art facilities designed for a comfortable stay. Take a look at this virtual tour and witness it for yourself.

Pictures of Banbury Lodge

Let’s take you through a few images of our facility at Banbury Lodge.

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Treatment options at Banbury Lodge

At Banbury Lodge, we are committed to treating a wide range of addictions, including alcohol addiction, drug addiction, gambling addiction, behavioural addiction, internet addiction, sex addiction, anxiety, and ADHD.

Our expert team of therapists and counsellors at Banbury Lodge use a variety of techniques to help you recover.

The exclusive treatments offered by Banbury Lodge are:

  • trauma therapy
  • cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
  • individual counselling
  • group and family therapies
  • mental fitness treatments
  • rehab timetable

Banbury Lodge has garnered many positive reviews from its clients

Banbury Lodge is a CQC-approved rehab clinic near Newbury that has made significant contributions to the community by helping individuals overcome addiction through their programs and services. Some of the reviews given by its clients are:

“The therapy is of a high standard and is challenging just when it is required. The support staff are amazing and always available. The programme is structured and aligned with proven programmes which have been shown to work such as AA NA and CA. Overall coming to Banbury Lodge has been a really positive action and a really positive experience.” – Pb


“Overall fantastic experience. Felt the care I received excellent and am so grateful” – J


“When I came in I was very distressed and unsure of what was going to happen, the staff were very kind and supportive and I quickly settled in. Throughout my stay I feel I have gained a lot towards my recovery, everyone is very friendly and helpful.” – Anonymous


Free addiction treatment services/Support groups available in and around Newbury

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, don’t let the cost of treatment hold you back. Free addiction treatment services and support groups can be incredibly useful resources for those seeking help.

In the vibrant town of Newbury, there are several free addiction treatment services whether you are struggling with substance abuse, alcohol addiction, or other addictive behaviours. The Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Cocaine Anonymous groups offer a supportive community and 12-step programme to help you overcome addiction.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Reading Big Book

Bradfield Village Hall, South End Rd, Bradfield Southend

Time: Wednesday, 20.00

Streatley Lunchtime Daily Reflections

The Morrell Room, Church Lane

Time: Monday, 13.00


Goring Village Hall, Garden Room, High St

Time: Sunday, 18.00

Narcotics Anonymous

Reading Quaker Meeting House
2 Church Street
Reading, ENG RG1 2SB

Wednesday, 19:30

Cocaine Anonymous

We Have Recovered

St. Nicholas Church Hall

W Mills

Newbury RG14 5HG


Time: Monday, 19:30

The road to happy destiny

Kennet Christian Centre

12 Enborne Rd

Newbury RG14 6AH


Time: Wednesday, 19:30

Travelling to Banbury Lodge from Newbury

Travelling to Banbury Lodge from Newbury is easy, and there are several modes of transportation available. Here’s how you can reach Banbury Lodge:

  • By Car: If you’re travelling by car, the distance between Newbury and Banbury Lodge is approximately 50 miles. You can take the M40 road to help you reach Banbury Lodge in around 1 hour, depending on traffic.
  • By Train: If you prefer to travel by train, you can take a train from Newbury to Newbury Racecourse station, which is approximately 2.5 miles away from Banbury Lodge. The journey takes around 6 minutes, and trains run regularly throughout the day. From Newbury Racecourse station, you can take a taxi or use a ride-hailing service to reach Banbury Lodge.

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We know that rehabilitation can be an incredibly tough journey, but we want you to know that you don’t have to do it alone. At UKAT, we’re here to support you every step of the way!

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