Aftercare Support

Your recovery does not end when your treatment programme does. Our mission is to help you overcome your illness and provide you with the tools to avoid a return to it in the future. We understand that the transition from rehabilitation to normal everyday life can be a challenge, so we want you to know that we will fully support you at this time.

We do not expect you to leave our clinic and fend for yourself. We provide up to twelve months of aftercare support when you complete a rehab programme with us. The early days of recovery can be a challenging time, so know that you will not be alone.

You can continue to meet with your counsellor or call for phone support should you need to. We will also help you connect with a local fellowship support group, which will act as an additional support base that you will likely find to be an essential part of your ongoing recovery plan.

Ongoing Support and Help

One of the more frequent questions we are asked is what will happen when rehab finishes. It is natural to worry about how you are going to cope when you are no longer living in the treatment clinic and when you do not have access to twenty-four-hour care and support.

The good news is that we will still be here for you when your rehab programme ends. We offer free aftercare support for up to a year after the conclusion of the treatment programme. This means that you can visit the clinic on a regular basis to meet with your counsellor to discuss various issues that you are facing in sobriety. You can also access phone support as and when necessary.

In addition to aftercare support provided by Banbury Lodge, you should know that you can access support within your local community, which is something that we always recommend. We will provide an introduction to fellowship support programmes and the twelve steps as part of your programme and we encourage you to get involved with your local group.

The first twelve months after completing the inpatient rehabilitation programme are a time when you will still be finding your feet in recovery. Studies have shown that this is a time when your risk of relapse will be highest. It is vital, therefore, that you have sufficient support to help you stay on track; a fellowship support group can provide that necessary support.

For more information on alcohol rehab, please contact us today. You can speak to one of our friendly advisors for advice and information about our treatment programmes and how to access them.


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