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Dale Conlon
Dale Conlon is Head of Admissions and Alumni at UKAT, where he uses his expertise in the field of addiction to deliver thorough and in-depth advice via our web pages, blogs and help guides. Moreover, his experience working in several treatment centres has granted him in-depth knowledge of rehabilitation, which he draws on to write valuable content pages that highlight the power of private recovery.
Dale has first-hand experience with the realities of addiction. After becoming addicted to substances from the age of sixteen, he found spiritual guidance and sought life-long recovery at twenty-nine. Now, two decades later, Dale remains stable on the path to long-term recovery and has not re-used illicit substances since.

After meeting various academic therapists, Dale was struggling to find his breakthrough, and it’s then he realised a crucial component was missing; he passionately believes that in order to help others recover from addiction, you need to have a level of personal experience with addiction yourself. Therefore, Dale’s sincere all-around empathy and experience are vital in supporting others on their recovery journey.

Dale has nearly 20 years’ experience working in the field of addiction, which he gained after attending residential treatment in 2003. He has worked for some of the UK’s largest private treatment providers, also gaining vital experience in Europe and the US. This has created a wealth of experience when it comes to guiding the families and the clients when they are at the exploratory stage of the consideration of residential treatment or addiction therapy.

Personal Development Courses:

  • Post Induction Therapy (PIT) Training by Pia Mellody.

  • Brief therapy for stopping addictions. Diploma parts 1 and 2. Guided imagery and visualisation for therapeutic change. – Human Givens.

  • Transactional Analysis with the Compact Course. TA 101. - Eric Berne.

  • The Power of Presence. To Think or Not to Think. Portals to Presence. Dealing with Unconsciousness and the Pain-Body. Understanding Ego. The Balance of Being and Doing. Conscious Creation. The Depths of Who You Are. The Purpose of Life. - Eckhart Tolle.


"There is no one-size-fits-all in addiction recovery, and I’m a great believer that people will find recovery in places they wouldn’t expect. It just depends on whether you’re ready to change." - Dale

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