Aftercare and relapse prevention guide

One year free aftercare

Your recovery does not end when your treatment programme does. Our mission is to help you overcome your illness and provide you with the tools to remain in recovery through support and connection. The first few weeks after leaving rehab can be challenging, so we ensure that you will have a support network to help you through the next stage.

We provide 52 free group therapy sessions when you complete your rehab programme, so you can continue communicating with peers about your progress. You can share any achievements you have made, the obstacles you’ve faced or anything else you wish to discuss. Others will also share their successes and concerns, so we can work through everything as a team and learn from each other’s experiences. This is also an opportunity to share the details of other available meetings in the area.

These sessions can take place at Banbury Lodge or one of our other rehab clinics if this is more convenient for you.

Lifelong UKAT connections

Many people fear that giving up their addiction means losing their social life. But we say it has only just begun! On completing your treatment, we will offer you free enrolment into UKAT’s Alumni support network, which organises events to encourage lifelong sober companionship with those who have had similar experiences.

The Alumni is the UK’s first recovery network for all those who have attended a UKAT treatment facility. Events include Christmas parties, dinners, adventure days out and, of course, summer BBQs.

The Alumni is the future of permanent recovery, and we are proud to be the first rehab family in the UK to offer it.

Getting in touch

If you have any questions regarding our rehab clinics or aftercare programmes, please call our number below, where a member of our knowledgeable team will be happy to explain anything in more detail.


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Who am I contacting?

Calls and contact requests are answered by admissions at

UK Addiction Treatment Group.

We look forward to helping you take your first step.

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