Banbury Lodge Reviews

Check out our unscripted client reviews below. Here past patients share there thoughts and feelings about their time at Banbury Lodge, our facilities and their experiences rehabilitating in general. All the reviews are verified but full names are removed for confidentiality.

29 Jun 2018
I have attended Banbury lodge and received caring treatment which was successful, this is my 3rd visit to a ukat treatment centre and I have always found that they have helped me with my addictions which I am now getting under control
28 Jun 2018
I cannot believe just how much my stay at Banbury Lodge has helped me. The staff are understanding and really care about everyone as individuals. I am leaving feeling so positive. I have made lifelong friends and cannot believe just how much I have enjoyed the experience without needing to resort to alcohol.
24 Jun 2018
very peaceful place with caring staff exploring different avenues of relaxation with no alcohol
21 Jun 2018
Staff very good. Treatment up to standard. A great improvement in my condition from when I came in. I got what i wanted from my stay even if it was short.
17 Jun 2018
Thank you for saving my life this experience has been amazing I am leaving sober and clean, the staff and therapists have been wonderful, caring, supportive. I will miss everyone very much but my journey begins now, a peaceful spiritual life. xxx
15 Jun 2018
My time at Banbury Lodge has been amazing - a truly transformative experience.
15 Jun 2018
I spent 2 weeks in Banbury Lodge having tried many other things such as addaction, etc nothing worked, and I was physically addicted, I was desperate for therapy which I could not access locally, so my family paid for me to go to Banbury. At first I was unhappy not having contact with my family for the first week, but eventually started talking to other residents and the staff who were all very nice and helpful. By week two I was much happier, and in fact did not want to leave. The accommodation is very comfortable and clean, I particularly enjoyed the meditation which I am still doing. I would highly recommend Banbury if you are in a horrible situation and want help. The only negative thing is poor communication between the admission office which is run separately from the actual centres, and this probably needs some investigation.
Hi Helene, Thanks for the review, we will definitely look into the communication concern raised. We hope to see you back at aftercare.
13 Jun 2018
out of 3 different rehab centres, this one is the best!
10 Jun 2018
I have been really impressed with my 28 day stay at the this treatment centre. The staff were excellent, especially Will, Sue, Connor and Rebecca. I have been given excellent help to deal with my ongoing addictions which are broad and encompass alcohol, drugs, food, self harm etc. I am leaving with so much optimism and believe that sobriety is possible and this is thanks to the wonderful staff and peer support at this facility.
10 Jun 2018
This programme has saved my life, would highly recommend it! who would of thought you would have so much fun at rehab! the staff are incredible and the community is like a family!!
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