Banbury Lodge Reviews

Check out our unscripted client reviews below. Here past patients share there thoughts and feelings about their time at Banbury Lodge, our facilities and their experiences rehabilitating in general. All the reviews are verified but full names are removed for confidentiality.

30 Sep 2019
I wasnt sure what to expect but it's been a really positive experience. You really need to come with an open mind and a willingness to get life back on track. It's been a really fulfilling and humbling experience with amazing people.
29 Sep 2019
Great staff, great treatment centre. Highly recommended.
28 Sep 2019
After trying out many rehabs I am finally ready to return home and stay sober. Banbury Lodge was amazing, the therapy was the best therapy I have ever recieved. All staff members were very kind and helpful and very professional. I would very highly recommend Banbury Lodge.
27 Sep 2019
The support staff have been amazing. They are kind and considerate and without judgement. The chef is very accommodating and a great guy overall. My therapist understood my problems well and did all she could to help me. Overall my experience has been pleasant and has helped me immensely. Banbury Lodge has given me the tools I will need in my future recovery.
06 Sep 2019
My treatment has been a massive learning curve, and I've gained a lot of knowledge. I am grateful for my treatment here.
06 Sep 2019
Excellent facility
31 Aug 2019
Valuable treatment for complex emotional problems. Highly recommended.
30 Aug 2019
I never thought recovery was possible for me , today I am more in lightened about my addiction and I learn how to deal with my disease , I cant say am completly cured but with the things I learned during my stay In the lodge I am more confident and am sure recovery is possible for any one who is willing t give it a try and make the right changes in his life .
26 Aug 2019
A great facility with amazing staff .....highly recommend
23 Aug 2019
I can't recommend this place enough, the staff are amazing, great food, and comfortable surroundings. Looking forward to my recovery and a great future.
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