Banbury Lodge Reviews

Check out our unscripted client reviews below. Here past patients share there thoughts and feelings about their time at Banbury Lodge, our facilities and their experiences rehabilitating in general. All the reviews are verified but full names are removed for confidentiality.

20 May 2019
My stay in banbury lodge has completely turned my life around. The therapy team and support staff are amazing and always there to help.
19 May 2019
Excellent for alcohol and cocaine detox. Stick at it , if you want recovery enough come and achieve it here.
18 May 2019
I arrived at Banbury Lodge sobbing the rain due to nerves, anxiety and fear of what would happen and left sobbing the rain (tears of happiness)as it was the best decision i had ever made but had to leave all my new family. All the staff made me feel welcome at all times. My therapist was brilliant and was able to break through all my barriers where others had failed. All staff were great and very supportive and most of them recovering addicts which meant they empathised and understood what you were going through, mentally and physically as they had been through similar experiences themselves and not just learnt out of books . The group sessions were great and every day you felt mentally exhausted but it was worth it. The only thing that let the place down was the variety of food as chicken was mainly served and at times I felt like I was clucking like a chicken. The food was bland at times and odd combinations but their saving grace was an agency chef called George who took pride in his cooking and cooked tasty meals which were well seasoned and often asked residents on their opinions for meals. i would definitely recommend this rehab facility to others looking for a suitable rehab facility. It really does work if you work it and is worth it.
16 May 2019
Thank you to all the staff, it really does work if you work it!
Kyeesha Rennolds
16 May 2019
Thank you banbury big thanks to all the staff. The best I have ever felt as long as I can remember, best thing I have done.
14 May 2019
The experience changed my life and has given me a solid foundation to build my recovery. It works!
09 May 2019
My decision to stay at Banbury Lodge for 28 days has been the best decison i have made for myself. I have learnt so much about myself, i have now accepted my disease and i have been provided with the tools to guilde me through my new journey.
Darren Brown/Dazza Bee
06 May 2019
Banbury Lodge helped me a lot for my anxiety, and helped me find myself again. I had extra 1-1s and helped me through my dyslexia and that improved 100%. I thank all the staff for all their support and all the help they have given me and extremely thank Dimitra and June for their help in my 1-1s. Thank you to all my peers as well for helping me through x
04 May 2019
The service is great, bex my therapist was amazing helped me when i was at my worst and there when i was happy. The support staff and management were great to if there was a problem they would try to help if they can. The chef makes wonderful food Overall the service and facilty is great.
01 May 2019
Incredible staff especially June, amazing food, housekeeping etc, and the therapy is extremely efficient, the entire team will go to any limit in order to recover.
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