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Check out our unscripted client reviews below. Here past patients share there thoughts and feelings about their time at Banbury Lodge, our facilities and their experiences rehabilitating in general. All the reviews are verified but full names are removed for confidentiality.

22 Jul 2019
I thought Rebecca was a great therapist considering I have been to numerous treatment centres, the centre is nice and modern and has a good feel about it. It would though be have been great to have longer walks which I find therapeutic.
18 Jul 2019
A wonderfull place with a vibe that inspires people to bring out the most wonderfull parts of themselves, loved every moment.
15 Jul 2019
The staff are very Caring and courteous and i found the detox was very good at a fair pace, I was detoxed safely so I could get involved in the therapy. The programme takes you through the early steps quickly but thoroughly. Overall had a great experience and I would recommend Banbury Lodge to anyone.
09 Jul 2019
I think this is the best place ever ive been to 2 other ukat centres and i think the staff here are brilliant at their jobs. Ive learnt so much here in such a short time. There is massive respect here for the clients from the staff. A safe environment to recover. I feel a lot stronger and far more confident and have a whole future with my family to live a drug free life. I cant fault the place.
08 Jul 2019
Before going into Banbury lodge I was a wreck with no direction in life and was unsure what to expect going into rehab but was made to feel welcome and felt very supported throughout my 28 days stay, all the staff were and are brilliant, facilities were great, I got to meet great people. I now feel I have a stable platform in my recovery and would like to thank everybody involved for saving my life, would highly recommend Banbury lodge to anybody who truly wants recovery.
05 Jul 2019
Made me feel more relaxed , built my co fidence, has bought me comfort. Given my time to reflect and helped me to learn to listen. Overall has been a good experience. Met some lovely people. Felt accepted as equal to everyone else which helps me to recover.
04 Jul 2019
This place has worked for me and i thoroughly recommend it and thats my truth.
Keith Woods
03 Jul 2019
Banbury Lodge is an excellent facility for anyone wanting to into recovery from whatever addiction.
23 Jun 2019
Excellent 28 day programme, it has completely changed my life around and the future is looking bright again! Cannot thank the BL team enough. Such a welcoming and friendly centre with excellent therapists. x
18 Jun 2019
Excellent 28 day programme, anything less is not enough in my opinion. Excellent all round therapy.Very friendly and happy environment.
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