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Check out our unscripted client reviews below. Here past patients share there thoughts and feelings about their time at Banbury Lodge, our facilities and their experiences rehabilitating in general. All the reviews are verified but full names are removed for confidentiality.

13 Aug 2019
My stay has been everything I wished for and beyond. Banbury Lodge has given me the right tools to start my recovery. The staff were fantastic
12 Aug 2019
While in the car on the way here I was absolutely petrified I really didn't want to go in, my anxiety was sky high and I just wanted to turn back and come home. Immediately I was welcomed by staff and the next step terrified me even more meeting the other people who are staying here, straight away I felt at ease I never thought id meet such a lovely bunch of 'normal' people. I have made friends for life in here and special bonds everyone has a heart of gold it's just the addiction that takes over. The programme is incredible, the staff are extremely helpful and the food is delicious! A big special thank you to my therapist Dave who has been my rock in here and put me on the right path and taught me the tools to then take out into the 'real world's. I stayed for 28 days in total and would highly recommend this length of stay as there is a lot to learn in between to fit in a short time. I came in with wanting to leave straight away and now I leaving and don't want to go! They have gone above and beyond here and I've had the best experience of my life.
06 Aug 2019
I feel a lot has been sorted in a short while , my thinking is getting clearer. I didn't realise how ill I was. I have been as comfortable as possible as I used to find groups difficult. I feel so much better. I felt extremely safe here during my stay. Good mix clients, great discussions with peers. Very experienced team ... I would thoroughly recommend anyone with any addiction to come here and recover. Excellent facilty.
03 Aug 2019
I couldn't be happier with the entire experience. I entered open-minded and willing but couldn't have anticipated what an amazing and life changing experience this would be. I assumed I was different and that my addiction unique. The tailored programme gave the perfect balance and I quickly learnt how addiction is addiction. Through group sessions, steps, mindfulness and one to ones I gained so much insight. The team plan meticulously and the team really are out of this world. Nothing was too much trouble and the accommodation and food first class. I couldn't be better positioned on departure for my life in recovery. I have the tools and now it is down to me 'one day at a time'. This isn't goodbye as I know that the Banbury team will stay close to my heart and engaged in my recovery.
Big M
31 Jul 2019
It has been very eye opening and given me the tools I need to survive on earth land. I have to give big thanks to Dave Farr for all of his brilliant help and expertise.
30 Jul 2019
Learned many life skills. Had excellent support from therapists and staff all throughout my stay. Food and accommodation was excellent. Feel enthusiastic about going home and excited to start my life out of rehab.
26 Jul 2019
I have had an amazing time having treatment at banbury lodge, the support and therapy has really helped me begin my recovery and i can not thank you enough
26 Jul 2019
Excellent therapists especially Dave and Rebecca. June was not my therapist but also helped me a lot. Great support staff Tom, James, Zoe and Seyda
26 Jul 2019
All my needs met, amazing rehab, on the way to recovery, would highly recommended
26 Jul 2019
My therapist June has she was most helpful a d so u derstandi g and helped me through every step of the proframme, she is a star, helped me to express myself in a much deeper way, she was informative and has helped me in everyway. I am more confident, less anxious. Ive been taught not to bottle things up and express and comminucate how im feeling. My stay at Banbury Lodge has been more than worthwhile.
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