Banbury Lodge Reviews

Check out our unscripted client reviews below. Here past patients share there thoughts and feelings about their time at Banbury Lodge, our facilities and their experiences rehabilitating in general. All the reviews are verified but full names are removed for confidentiality.

29 Mar 2020
This place really changed my life
26 Mar 2020
I was made to feel welcome by the fantastic staff, they have all contributed to my recovery and have given me enough information to carry on with this on the outside.
26 Mar 2020
One of the best clinics I've been to and worth the money. Staff are very professional. Warm and friendly.
22 Mar 2020
I have completed my stay at The Banbury Lodge, I have received an excellent standard of care from all staff and feel ready for my next part of my journey.
19 Mar 2020
I've thought Banbury Lodge is an excellent service all the way through. All the staff are very approachable and respectful. I can't rate this place highly enough.
Anon :)
18 Mar 2020
Thank you to all the staff for their hard work. 28 days here has really changed my outlook on life and addiction. Positive experience all together. Therapists and support have been amazing.
11 Mar 2020
Coming to banbury lodge has completely refreshed my mind. My biggest fear was that I'd have no fun here but it's been a whirlwind adventure and I've made great progress and had more fun than I could've imagined. I'm feeling positive about my future, and ready to start my new clean life. Thank to all the staff here for all their love and care!
05 Mar 2020
I was very nervous about entering Banbury Lodge. I chose to attend rehab but I was scared about who I might encounter and how I would cope being away for a month. I quickly settled in, my "buddy" really looked after me and showed me the ropes. It took a while to get used to the daily routine, but I was soon joining in group therapy and even the outside NA/CA/AA meetings My room was comfortable, the food was excellent and all the staff were exceptionally skilled and helpful. I honestly feel this has been the best thing I could have done for my future and would recommend Banbury Lodge to anyone considering going into rehab.
02 Mar 2020
My stay at Banbury Lodge was very beneficial to my recovery.
27 Feb 2020
I enjoyed my time in Banbury, there team helped me overcome my worst fears, guilt and guided me to the first steps of recovery, I'm forever grateful.
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