Banbury Lodge Reviews

Check out our unscripted client reviews below. Here past patients share there thoughts and feelings about their time at Banbury Lodge, our facilities and their experiences rehabilitating in general. All the reviews are verified but full names are removed for confidentiality.

27 Apr 2021
Great accommodation,amazing staff and therapists, everyone is so friendly and they really do theyr best to make you conftable and welcome. Great facilities for relaxing including a spacious lounge and a gym ,good food as well plus an outside space
17 Apr 2021
Brilliant experience, friedly staff, tasty food, staff is here for you, very supportive, made me feel very welcoming, I enjoyed the whole experience
14 Apr 2021
I am very grateful for the careful consideration given to my allocation of therapist as well as the customisation of my treatment plan. It was designed with care and really helped.
Rosie O
13 Apr 2021
Very good service and therapy team! Will be recommending to others
08 Apr 2021
When I came here I was frightened because of previous treatment centres I have been to. I was very afraid to stop drinking. it took 3/4 days to stop shaking but it did stop, the tablets worked as I was told. I was full of fear about how I would manage I have had so much support from all the staff here at Banbury Lodge and learned so much in the week on therapy from all the other clients too.
Gary Sidgu
07 Apr 2021
my first time in rehab for alcohol and was looked after by the loving team who helped me recover from addiction,I would like to thank the following: Nicky , nicky, Tom, Charlotte, Sasha, Rebecca, Sarah, Steve, Dimitra and last but not least Connor.
07 Apr 2021
I was satisfied with the care and programme here.
07 Apr 2021
Enjoyed my time at Banbury lodge, feel more positive and focused, look forward for the next stage of my recovery
03 Apr 2021
The treatment was done professionally and I highly recommend.
03 Apr 2021
Last day, seems to have worked very well - I can manage my cravings and have hope now. I feel better than I have done in a long time
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