Banbury Lodge Reviews

Check out our unscripted client reviews below. Here past patients share there thoughts and feelings about their time at Banbury Lodge, our facilities and their experiences rehabilitating in general. All the reviews are verified but full names are removed for confidentiality.

18 Apr 2019
I came into Banbury Lodge for cocaine addiction for a 14 day treatment. I had started to relapse weekly and needed to get help. From the first phone call to my last day i have had an amazingly positive experience. My room was quiet, tidy and clean. The group sessions were empowering as well as all the Na and Aa meetings. I learnt lots about myself through doing the steps and my 1-1s. The food was nourishing and the roast dinner on Sunday a lovely touch. I would recommend Banbury to anyone still suffering out there.
18 Apr 2019
Excellent care. The daily timetable was full but not rushed and left time for adequate study/social time without feeling pressured.
17 Apr 2019
I received fantastic treatment at Banbury Lodge. I was in for drug addiction and I have made great progress. I feel very confident about my recovery and I am looking forward to the aftercare service.
16 Apr 2019
Fantastic! GREAT place to get well with continued support after you leave. Highly reccomeneded
09 Apr 2019
After 28 days at Banbury Lodge i feel different person. Stronger, belief in myself and i am looking forward to face the outside world in recovery. I thank all the staff for helping me at the time i needed so much. I shall miss the Lodge but i am ready to go
Andrew P
08 Apr 2019
08 Apr 2019
Arranged by my family , I was brought to Banbury Lodge a broken man. I had literally hit rock bottom. The staff from the very beginning of my 28 day stay were thoughtful kind and supportive throughout my entire journey to recovery. The room was lovely and the food great ! Imagine a good hotel that not only is comfortable to stay in but also helps restore you to sanity ! I left a changed person and I will forever be grateful for the help, support , advice and guidance I received. Gladly recommended to those that really want to make a change. It works if you work it and your worth it ! - Thank you Banbury Lodge
08 Apr 2019
Thank you to all of the staff and support workers. Everyone has been very helpful. At first I was very angry but the staff have supported me, i am now very happy and calm and feeling optimistic about my future. I have had a Very good experience and I am taking a lot of of my time here that I can continue at home. I did not expect to be saying this when I first came in but thank you to everybody at Banbury Lodge for helping me to find recovery.
06 Apr 2019
Banbury lodge has changed my life in all aspects vor the better, including my mental, physical and emotional health. I have become more confident and positive, made life long friends and amazing memories that i will never forget. No one here have been judgemental of anybody. The staff are very welcoming and approachable, and the atmosphere feels safe. I would highly recommend this program to people who need support for addiction.
05 Apr 2019
It took me many years but during my time at Banbury Lodge I at last accet the fact that I was an alcoholic. This was due to the experience and professionalism of the Therapists here,and contact/interaction with fellow addict's. I would recommend Banbuy Lodge to any fellow addicts.
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