Banbury Lodge Reviews

Check out our unscripted client reviews below. Here past patients share there thoughts and feelings about their time at Banbury Lodge, our facilities and their experiences rehabilitating in general. All the reviews are verified but full names are removed for confidentiality.

29 Oct 2018
I have had a great experience at Banbury , I have learnt a lot in recovery. The staff ,facility's and food are all amazing.
29 Oct 2018
My experience at Banbury Lodge was excellent from start to finish. The staff were all amazing and very professional and really had an understanding of addiction. There was a full daily schedule of groups and therepy and took something from every group. The food was amazing and varied. i would recommend Banbury Lodge to anyone.
26 Oct 2018
I would definately recommend Banbury Lodge to anyone who is in need of help with any addiction they may have. All of the therapists are fantastic at their jobs and know how best to help each individual client.The support staff are all really friendly and helpful.The food is always lovely and very tasty with thanks to the great chef. I have also made some great friends who will always be a part of my life. Highly recommended.
23 Oct 2018
I highly recommend Banbury Lodge. Staff, food and accomodation are great, and in particular the quality of therapy is top notch.
23 Oct 2018
Enjoyed my stay at Banbury Lodge I would recomend it.
21 Oct 2018
I would recommend Banbury lodge to anyone who wants to have treatment
21 Oct 2018
I would fully recommend attending Banbury Lodge to anyone that needs treatment for addiction. This place has literally saved my life. The staff have been wonderful and my needs always met. It is a safe place to detox and you should have no worries about coming in here. I was of course apprehensive about coming to the centre but this was dispelled the moment I walked through the door and I was greeted by staff and clients.
18 Oct 2018
excellent quality of care, was treated with dignity and respect by all staff members and couldn't find any fault, highly reccomend
16 Oct 2018
I can't thank Banbury Lodge enough. I came here as a broken man and it was my last resort. With their help, I have come to terms with my addiction and left sober, clean, reinvigorated.
14 Oct 2018
Hi, I wasn't sure what i was letting myself in for but all the clients made me feel welcome even though i could barely walk and didn't really want to speak to anyone. The staff are good but seem like they are under a great deal of pressure so occasionally couldn't meet the needs of everyone. I understand its no easy job when you have 24 addicts all wanting different things. That said i met and made some wonderful friends. If you like me and get shown the gym and WANT too loose some weight this is the wrong place. Even with exercise every other day i still put on weight the food is that great! My therapist Bex was awesome and got straight to work on me! I'm going to miss this place but am itching to get out and crack on with life normally....ish! Ed Potter.
Dear Ed Thanks for your great review and we do wish you well with your ongoing recovery. I have reviewed the staffing records and the service is fully staffed and staffed in excess of recommended guidelines. The roles within a clinic are busy however the staff are extremely well trained and always ensure that clients receive the very best treatment. The staff will always assess a situation and ensure a clients needs are met in order of priority. Hopefully see you at aftercare. Best Wishes
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