Banbury Lodge Reviews

Check out our unscripted client reviews below. Here past patients share there thoughts and feelings about their time at Banbury Lodge, our facilities and their experiences rehabilitating in general. All the reviews are verified but full names are removed for confidentiality.

16 Jan 2019
I had an amazing time here it was great I learnt so much about myself and my actions. Dave, my therapist, was an absolute inspiration and genuinely kind man. The staff here have been great and I recommend banbury lodge to anyone trying to get themselves clean
Miss P
14 Jan 2019
I came here broken with no confidence or self esteem. Having been through a lot of trauma from a young age I felt like a victim/little girl. I'm leaving here an adult and a survivor and ready to implement this tools I've learned in the outside world. This has been the foundation of my recovery and I'm ready to continue building on that. I'm grateful for the help, love and support from Banbury Lodge.
Harvey C
14 Jan 2019
My time at Banbury Lodge has been amazing. It has allowed me to see that there is more to life than drugs. Thwy make you feel very welcome and part of treatment straight away. The staff are amazing. I would recommend to anyone that has an addiction and needs rid of it. The only negative was the food but the staff and everyone around are trying to work with the clients to make it better and in my last few days saw a massive improvement.
Hi Harvey We welcome feedback as we strive to improve our service I am pleased that you had a good overall experience and there was an improvement.
12 Jan 2019
I would recommend Banbury Lodge to anyone who has any addiction problems. The staff are friendly and the therapists tailor your needs individually to help your recovery. I will be leaving here feeling confident to face the rest of my life addiction free.
12 Jan 2019
Very very good thank you guys for saving my life
10 Jan 2019
I found Banbury Lodge very good for my Rehab. All the staff at Banbury Lodge were excellent. They went the extra mile to sort out 2 problems outside the lodge. which allowed me to concentrate on my recovery with outside concern. I will be leaving here well prepared for my recovery.
08 Jan 2019
I found Banbury Lodge exactly as I had hoped. The detox and medication worked amazingly for me even though I only had a 10 day stay. I have left feeling confident in myself and confident to stay sober. The staff have been amazing, the environment has been clean and friendly and the way the peers support each other has been incredible. I would highly recommend a stay at Banbury if you have any kind of addiction or concerns about an addiction. Thank you to all of the staff!
06 Jan 2019
A unique experience. I would highly recomend Banbury. The opportunity to focus on my own recovery and share openly and honestly with other recovering addicts is somethng that I will always remember
01 Jan 2019
I am very happy with the level of treatment I received while here at Banbury Lodge. I arrived defeated but I left a winner, a worthy victory. The food, accommodation, counselling and therapist was up to standard. I will always remember this journey.
30 Dec 2018
I was very anxious about the rehab at Banbury Lodge, The Staff have been very helpful and friendly, the bedrooms comfortable. I will be keeping in contact with friends I have made here during my stay.
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