Banbury Lodge Reviews

Check out our unscripted client reviews below. Here past patients share there thoughts and feelings about their time at Banbury Lodge, our facilities and their experiences rehabilitating in general. All the reviews are verified but full names are removed for confidentiality.

03 Mar 2023
Loved all staff and support workers especially Daisy and Rhianne, Kev and Bambino. Food isn't great. But this place really works if you let it. Great sessions and have made some amazing contacts
27 Feb 2023
Over all fantastic experience Felt the care I received excellent and am so grateful
21 Feb 2023
I have met incredible staff, and the patients are also really warm and welcoming and overall I have had a good experience!
19 Feb 2023
Centre is tidy and well looked after, staff are friendly, helpful and supportive. Would be nice to see more 1-1 sessions , CBT ,DBT. I have achieved lots in the 2 weeks of being here and walking out feeling a lot more like myself again.
18 Feb 2023
I've enjoyed my stay at Banbury Lodge for the right reasons, councillors and sessions have been very useful, productive and informative, I have learned a lot about my self while being here, overall the facilities are good, food left a fair bit to be desired, needs lots more variety and less repetitiveness. House keeping needs to be done more often and more thoroughly. Overall a good experience at the end of the day what I came for, I got.
16 Feb 2023
Spent 9 days at Banbury Lodge rehab for detox, found the programme great. I came in with quite serious health conditions and got looked after well and would recommend it to anyone that's looking to take this step.
14 Feb 2023
Overall my experience was good, I was given the tools necessary to start my recovery journey. I appreciate most of the staff at banbury lodge particularly the therapists and the recovery support workers as they played a key role in supporting me throughout my stay. The communication between clients and management/staff often did not meet my standards, as complaints about food and cleanliness were not always taken into account. However I'm still beyond thankful for the help I have been given here!
14 Feb 2023
The therapist are amazing ,the programme is a,amazing, the support are amazing
13 Feb 2023
Overall the therapists and staff are very professional , kind, and caring. The programme has been very valuable. I would highly recommend to anyone in need.
06 Feb 2023
Coming to Banbury lodge has been the best design I've made. The staff are brilliant, the programme is great. Leaving feeling alive!
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