Banbury Lodge Reviews

Check out our unscripted client reviews below. Here past patients share there thoughts and feelings about their time at Banbury Lodge, our facilities and their experiences rehabilitating in general. All the reviews are verified but full names are removed for confidentiality.

29 Apr 2022
One of the best UKAT centres I have Found, I recommend it to everyone who wants to get well so long as you give your best commitment
28 Apr 2022
Totally enjoyed my stay staff and everything been amazing I can't be thankful enough for all everyone's help
27 Apr 2022
Great treatment I would recommend hanbury lodge to anyone with an addiction money very well spent staff very kind councillor very good food excellent and the service excellent
Dobby Helper
23 Apr 2022
Very good staff and facilities therapy was very helpful and helped my recovery food is banging too.
13 Apr 2022
My time at Banbury, I came in in an absolute state, I had truly hit rock bottom. With the help of the staff and peers I'm now looking forward to a bright future on my road to recovery. I can't thank Banbury enough for all they've done. Will miss this place but hope to never come back!
12 Apr 2022
Overall positive experience and happy with staff and treatment
12 Apr 2022
Overall positive experience and happy with staff and treatment
Adam (ripped)
10 Apr 2022
I honestly came here completly broken and at the end. Over the following 5 weeks I was able to not only beat this terrible illness/addiction but totally transform my life with the help of the incredible staff and amazing peers. I could not have done this alone e and cannot become d Banbury lodge highly enough if you, like me want to live a life without addiction. P.S The staff went over and above on more occasions that I can count. Thank you Banbury Lodge for saving my life.
06 Apr 2022
Amazing treatment centre. The staff were incredibly supportive throughout, making me always feel at ease. The facility was clean and organised throughout my stay, which made it easy to focus on the first stages of my recovery. All of the other clients were welcoming and made me feel at home instantly. I couldn't recommend coming here for treatment enough. Do it.
03 Apr 2022
A fantastic centre that has set me well on my way to recovery. Highly recommended!
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