Alcohol and drug rehab treatment in Dorridge


Drug and alcohol addiction statistics in Dorridge, West Midlands

In 2021, 133 succumbed to drug misuse in the West Midlands, Dorridge being a village in this county. As per the Office for National Statistics (ONS), it is a drop of 24.4% from the data of the previous year. Good news, indeed. But the numbers are still on the higher side of the spectrum. 

Another report published the death of three men after consuming a new synthetic drug (opioid N-pyrrolidine etonitazene) in Birmingham, 13 miles from Dorridge in 2021. According to the Birmingham and Solihull coroner, their death was natural, combined with the effect of alcohol and drug use.

Although Dorridge is a village, it is close to several UKAT private residential rehab clinics. If you are seeking professional help for a loved one, these rehab facilities near Dorridge provide a trigger-free and comfortable environment along with structured treatment plans to help you recover from addiction.

Why choose Banbury Lodge for drug and alcohol rehabilitation?

UKAT operates several reputed drug and alcohol rehab clinics across the United Kingdom – Linwood House, Primrose Lodge, Banbury Lodge, Oasis Bradford, Oasis Runcorn, Sanctuary Lodge, Recovery Lighthouse and Liberty House

Banbury Lodge is the closest private inpatient rehabilitation facility to the village. It is around 35 miles (41 minutes) from Dorridge via M40. 

Located in the historic town of Oxfordshire, away from the maddening crowd, Banbury Lodge is an amalgamation of a quiet countryside backdrop and state-of-the-art amenities. This combination, in addition to our evidence-based practices, adds value to the recovery process. 

Our multidisciplinary team of experts strives to provide best-in-class and holistic treatment to ensure long-lasting healing. Moreover, at Banbury Lodge near Dorridge, we promise the utmost privacy to all our clients. No matter which kind of addiction you or your loved ones are dealing with, we go the extra mile to bring health and well-being back into your life.

Banbury Lodge near Dorridge is proud to be able to deliver world-class facilities you will benefit from. These include the following:

  • 21 ensuite bedrooms
  • Two shared occupancy rooms
  • On-site gymnasium
  • High-quality food to match your dietary requirements
  • Comfortable ambience
  • Assurance of BUPA insurance
  • Free aftercare services

Pictures of Banbury Lodge

Let us take you through Banbury Lodge near Dorridge through the following pictures.

Banbury Lodge alcohol and drug rehab centre picture 4

Banbury Lodge alcohol and drug rehab centre picture 5

Banbury Lodge alcohol and drug rehab centre picture 6

Virtual Tour of Banbury Lodge

You can explore the premises and inside of Banbury Lodge with this virtual tour video.

Treatment options at Banbury Lodge Near Dorridge

We have years of experience dealing with different types of substance addiction cases. These include drug (cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, cannabis, crack cocaine and prescription drugs) addiction and alcoholism. 

If you have concerns like eating disorders, gambling, sex or internet addiction, we also take care of behavioural addictions at the clinic.

Sometimes, certain conditions happen to co-occur with addiction such as stress, anxiety and depression. We also help you manage them.

Moreover, Banbury Lodge is one of the most preferred rehab centres near Dorridge for teenagers. 

List of treatment options we deliver at Banbury Lodge near Dorridge:

  • 12-step rehab
  • One-to-one plan
  • Family programme
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Trauma therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Mindfulness

Banbury Lodge near Dorridge: How do our clients rate us?

At Banbury Lodge near Dorridge, we offer impeccable treatment plans and comfortable accommodations to suit your addiction and budgetary needs. Let’s find out how our clients rate their experience at the clinic:

“Great staff – Bernie, Sian, Trevor, Kevin, Bambie, Daisy’s both, Rhianne, Liv, literally all staff I would highly recommend. Housekeepers have great standards. Group sessions were very useful and one to ones. The only negative would be the constancy of food otherwise I would have no complaints.” – AW


“Enjoyed my stay bitt too much free time but left with a good exit plan and clear head. Never felt better!!” – HC

“I have found the treatment good, there was some spare time over Christmas but since improved. I enjoyed the cbt and dbt but it would be better I’d there was more. I have enjoyed learning about myself.” – KW

Free support groups near Dorridge

Are your financial constraints, work or family reasons not allowing you to choose a private residential rehab clinic near Dorridge? You can always count on free support groups in the village. 

Alcoholics Anonymous near Dorridge

Solihull Dorridge 12 Steps To Recovery 

St George & Theresa RC Church, 

Station Rd, Dorridge

Postcode: B93 8EZ

Time: Friday, 19:00 

Solihull Experience Strength & Hope 

United Reformed Church, Station Rd, Knowle

Postcode: B93 0HN

Time: Monday, 19:30

Birmingham Hall Green 

St Ambrose Barlow Church, Lakey Ln, Hall Green

Postcode: B28 8QU
Time: Thursday, 19:00

Narcotics Anonymous near Dorridge

Freedom Thursday

Recovery Central

9 Allcock Street



West Midlands

B9 4DY

Time: Thursday, 19:30

Kings Heath – Birmingham

Conference Room, St. Dunstans RC Church, 

Kingsfield Road, Kings Heath, 

Birmingham, West Midlands, B14 7JN

Time: Saturday, 19:00

Saturday Night Survival

Recovery Central, 9 Allcock Street, 

Deritend, Birmingham, West Midlands, B9 4DY

Time: Saturday, 18:00

Cocaine Anonymous near Dorridge

Cocaine Anonymous

Solihull United Reformed Church

Christ Church

741 Warwick Rd

Solihull B91 3DG

UK Midlands

Time: Wednesday, 20:00

The Way Out

Solihull United Reformed Church

Christ Church

741 Warwick Rd

Solihull B91 3DG

UK Midlands

Time: Wednesday, 20:00

Freedom on the Frontline

Methodist Church

1 Botteville Rd

Birmingham B27 7YE

UK Midlands

Time: Monday, 19:30

Travelling to Banbury Lodge from Dorridge

Dorridge is a village in Solihull metropolitan borough in the West Midlands. This countryside, together with its neighbours – Bentley Heath and Knowle, is separated from Birmingham by a small green belt. Dorridge has a seamless network of transport facilities which connects it to the rest of the county. Below are the routes you may take to travel from Dorridge to Banbury:

  • By train: With a frequency of 22 direct trains per day, the average travel time between Dorridge and Banbury is around 40 minutes (28 miles). The first train arrives at 04:56 while you can catch the last train at 23:55.
  • By road: The fastest route that will take you to Banbury from Dorridge is via M40. It covers a distance of nearly 36 miles in just 40 minutes. Another route you may take is A422. If you take this route, you will have to travel for around 40 miles and the average time you may take will be nearly an hour.

Finding a rehab clinic near Dorridge

You are not alone in your fight against drug or alcohol addiction. We are here for you throughout your thick and thin. All you need is to ask for help. Connect with UKAT to Get Help Now!

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