Alcohol and drug rehab treatment in Coventry


Substance Addiction Statistics from Coventry, West Midlands

The West Midlands has witnessed an alarming rise in drug misuse and drug-related deaths in recent years. The Office of National Statistics reported 33 drug-related deaths in Coventry in 2020 compared to earlier times. This number could also include behavioural disorders and mental disorders due to drug misuse.

The increase in underage drinking and substance abuse during sporting events has forced police to take action against fans who indulge in such risky behaviour. It’s a bid to curb anti-social behaviour amongst youngsters and prevent fatalities.

Excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs causes chronic health conditions and social issues, too. This is why alcohol and drug rehabs near Coventry offer help and support to residents of the city.

If you or your loved ones are seeking help in recovering from addiction, visit the nearest UKAT rehab centre.

Why Choose Banbury Lodge for Drug and Alcohol Rehab near Coventry?

UKAT is a leading drug and alcohol detox firm that provides tailored treatment and holistic therapies at its centres across the UK. They include Oasis Runcorn, Oasis Bradford, Sanctuary Lodge, Primrose Lodge, Recovery Lighthouse, Linwood House and Liberty House.

Banbury Lodge is located in the serene countryside of Banbury, Oxfordshire. It is about 34.2 miles from Coventry and takes around 39 minutes to reach the rehab.

Its highly dedicated team of doctors and therapists work round the clock to provide unconditional support and guidance to help you achieve lifelong sobriety.

Amidst the calm and secure environment of this alcohol and drug rehab near Coventry, individuals find the support and motivation necessary for the challenging phase of addiction.

Some notable features of Banbury Lodge are:

  • 22 luxurious en-suite bedrooms
  • 24/7 care and supervision
  • Homemade meals
  • Gymnasium
  • Treatment for eating disorders in teenagers

Virtual Tour of Banbury Lodge

Take this virtual tour of Banbury Lodge to help you learn more about the rehab centre and its atmosphere. Banbury Lodge offers you excellent facilities that ensure a comfortable stay. The following pictures will help you make your decision.

Banbury Lodge alcohol and drug rehab centre picture 1

Banbury Lodge alcohol and drug rehab centre picture 2

Banbury Lodge alcohol and drug rehab centre picture 3

Treatment Options at Banbury Lodge near Coventry

Banbury Lodge treats different types of addictions, namely:

  • Alcohol addiction
  • Substance addiction (cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, cannabis, prescription drugs)
  • Behavioural addiction (shopping, gaming, gambling, internet, porn, sex and love addiction, eating disorders)

The team of highly experienced psychiatrists, therapists and social workers provide personalised treatment programmes to help you achieve long-term sobriety. The treatment plans consist of:

  • 12-step therapy
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Art and music therapy

What Do People Have to Say About Banbury Lodge near Coventry?

Banbury Lodge employs proven treatment methods in a safe and calming environment to help free you from the cycle of addiction and look forward to a healthier life. Here’s what the clients have to say about the services:

“The 28 days I stayed here, I did not have a negative thing to say about the care I received from any staff or the accommodation.:—K. Dhillon


“Very informative and well structured course, excellent staff and excellent meditation and yoga sessions. Excellent centre over all.”H.B.


“These 28 days have been the hardest I have faced so far in my life, however these 28 days have also been the best experience I have had toward learning how to live life on life’s terms. Thanks to all the staff, a special thank you to my therapist Sonya.”—Anonymous


Free Addiction Treatment and Support Groups in Coventry, West Midlands

Paid addiction treatment programmes can often seem expensive or inaccessible. Fortunately, Coventry has several free support groups for those who wish to begin their recovery journey.

AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings in Coventry

Coventry Spirituality

St John the Baptist Church, Fleet St


Time: Saturday 12:30

Coventry Speaker

Friends Meeting House, Hill St


Time: Saturday 20:00

Coventry Lunchtime As Bill Sees It

United Reforms Church,

10 Warwick Road


Time: Saturday 20:00

NA (Narcotics Anonymous) meetings near Coventry

Bedworth Wednesday NA

Hall, Bedworth Wesleyan Reform Church

Bulkington Road, Bedworth, Warwickshire

CV12 9DH

Time: Wednesday 19:30

Leamington Monday Narcotics Anonymous Meeting

St Marks Church, St Marks Road

Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

CV32 6DL

Time: Monday 19:30

Leamington Wednesday Night Just for Today

The Salvation Army, 1AChapel Street,

Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

CV31 1EJ

Time: Wednesday 19:30

CA (Cocaine Anonymous) meetings in Coventry

Cocaine Anonymous

St Laurence’s Church Hall,

Old Church Rd,

Coventry, Midlands


Time: Tuesday 19:45

Cocaine Anonymous

Stephens Church,

Charter Ave, Coventry, Midlands

Time: Thursday 20:00

Travelling to Banbury Lodge from Coventry

There are two ways to travel to Banbury from Coventry:

  • By road: You can either take a taxi or travel by a private vehicle to Banbury. You can cover a distance of about 33 miles in 35 minutes to reach the drug and alcohol rehab near Coventry.
  • By train: The CrossCountry services provide 117 trains weekly from Coventry to Banbury. It takes approximately 30 minutes to travel from the city to Banbury station and is the fastest way to reach the rehab.

Find a Rehabilitation Centre near Coventry

Addiction is not easy to tackle by yourself. You need professional help and a strong support system. If you are struggling with alcohol or substance addiction, please contact UKAT’s counsellors and get help now!

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