Alcohol and drug rehab treatment in Brackley


Substance Addiction Near Brackley, Northamptonshire

Alcohol consumption is deeply ingrained in cultural customs throughout the world. Billions of people around the globe, from many different civilizations, abuse substances.

From 2020 to 2021, 814 drug offences were reported in Northampton.

Quitting without expert assistance and supervision can be challenging. This is because fighting addiction is a very difficult task and most people find it difficult to tackle it alone.

The treatment programs provided by UKAT facilities near Brackley can be tailored to an individual’s needs. Moreover, UKAT uses a thorough screening approach to determine the key reason for addiction and develop a personalised treatment plan.

Why is Banbury Lodge the Most Preferred Clinic Near Brackley, Northamptonshire?

UKAT operates several treatment facilities around the United Kingdom. You can get assistance at any of the following facilities: Oasis Runcorn, Recovery Lighthouse, Oasis Bradford, Primrose Lodge, Sanctuary Lodge, Linwood House and Liberty House.

Banbury Lodge near Brackley is a private facility that offers detoxification and recovery from several substances. They also offer treatment for behavioural addictions including gambling, gaming and shopping. The primary objective is to provide you with a peaceful, caring and friendly environment to end the cycle of addiction and harmful behaviour. 

Banbury Lodge is a high-end rehab centre located about 11 miles from Brackley, Northamptonshire and can be reached in 25 minutes by the A422 trunk road. The team comprises experienced and motivated experts. Most of them have personal experiences with addiction and the recovery process.

Other salient features of Banbury Lodge include the following:

  • 22 private en-suite bedrooms
  • Spacious outdoors
  • Private chef
  • Gymnasium
  • Holistic therapy
  • 24/7 care and support

Virtual Tour of Banbury Lodge

You can take a virtual tour of Banbury Lodge by browsing the link provided. You may also evaluate the rehabilitation centre and the high standards they uphold with the help of the pictures.

Banbury Lodge rehab picture 4
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Treatment Options at Banbury Lodge Near Brackley

To help you benefit the most from your rehabilitation, the staff at this alcohol and drug rehab centre near Brackley combine conventional talking therapy with holistic treatments. The expert team at Banbury Lodge are very confident in their abilities to assist you in achieving long-term sobriety through individualised treatment approaches. 

The principal treatment plans include the following:

  • 12-step therapy
  • Trauma
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Art therapy

What People Say About Banbury Lodge Near Brackley, Northamptonshire

To ensure that people from all backgrounds receive the care and support they need, Banbury Lodge offers effective addiction therapies at affordable prices. Let’s hear from some of the clients at Banbury Lodge:

“Overall I had a positive experience. Would recommend it. The staff are very friendly and the food and accommodation are okay. My experience with my therapist was great.” – Colin


“Therapists are great, staff helped me with anything I needed, I feel back in control of my life and now I’m ready for the next stage of my life to begin.” – The Chief


Spent 9 days at Banbury Lodge rehab for detox, found the programme great. I came in with quite serious health conditions and got looked after well and would recommend it to anyone that’s looking to take this step.” – SC


Free addiction treatment services/Support Groups Available Near Brackley, Northamptonshire

If you are unable to access a private rehab centre near Brackley, do not get disheartened. The local support groups operating in the city offer a strong network of free addiction programmes. Let’s take a look:

AA Meetings in Northamptonshire

Northampton Francis St

20 Francis St, just off Grafton St


Friday at 7 pm

Central Northampton Sharers

Quaker Meeting House, Wellington St


Tuesday at 11 am

Northampton Step

St Mary’s Church, Towcester Rd, Far Cotton


Sunday at 7:00 pm

NA Meetings in Northamptonshire


Anchor House

6-7 Regents Square, Sheep Street


Sundays at 1:00 pm

Just For Today

Church of Christ Christian Fellowship Centre

Shadowfax Drive, Northampton


Friday at 8:00 pm

We Do Recover

The Bridge Programme

63C Gold Street, Northampton


Monday at 7:30 pm

Travelling to Banbury Lodge from Brackley

Brackley is a beautiful and historic market town in Northamptonshire, located on the borders of Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. It is accessible from different parts of the county via a robust and hassle-free transportation network. Brackley, which is surrounded by countless miles of serene countryside, is without a doubt a beautiful place to live and is the right blend of heritage, modernity and tranquillity. This is how you can get from Brackley to Banbury.

  • Via road: The shortest route between Brackley and Banbury Lodge, Northamptonshire is via A422. It will take around 24 minutes to cover a distance of 11.2 miles. The other two routes are through A4260 and Charlton Rd. These routes cover a distance of approximately 11 miles and 13 miles, respectively. 
  • Via train: The average time to travel to Banbury Lodge from Brackley by train is around 49 minutes. With one train every hour, the trains run pretty frequently from Barckley to Banbury. You can reach your destination with the direct trains that operate on this route.

Finding a Rehabilitation Centre Near Brackley

Dealing with addiction may be challenging. Yet you can always battle it if you have the necessary support network and the will to do so. Contact Us Today to Get Assistance!

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