Alcohol and drug rehab treatment in Witney


What do the figures indicate about drug and alcohol addiction in Witney?

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) reported the death of seven people due to drug poisoning in Oxford (only 12 miles from Witney) in 2021, four down from 2020. The stats cover suicides, accidents, abuse, and complications surrounding non-controlled and controlled drugs and prescription and OTC medications use.

A report in the Witney Gazette reveals that 34 people succumbed to alcohol or drug-specific reasons in the county in 2020. Of the 34 people, 26 were men, and eight were women. In 2019, around 25 deaths were reported in the area. 

These numbers indicate that the prevailing scenario of drug and alcohol abuse in Oxfordshire is not very promising. Addiction, irrespective of its type or severity, can be overwhelming. It is important to get the right kind of support to treat addiction and substance abuse.

Are you looking for a trustworthy rehab clinic near Witney, Oxfordshire, for a near and dear one? We have the perfect solution for you. The UK addiction treatment centres and private residential centres near Witney offer impeccable rehabilitation services in a safe and secure environment.

What makes Banbury Lodge the most trusted rehab clinic near Witney?

UKAT runs a nationwide network of drug and alcohol rehab centres. So, being a caregiver, you may choose anyone from the following according to your needs and preferences – Linwood House, Banbury Lodge, Liberty House, Sanctuary Lodge, Oasis Runcorn, Recovery Lighthouse, Oasis Bradford, and Primrose Lodge.

Are you looking for a rehab facility at a distance from your home so your loved one can get away from the day-to-day noises and temptations? 

In that case, Banbury Lodge near Witney makes the best fit. Although located in the same county (Oxfordshire), it is around 24 miles (nearly 40 minutes drive) from Witney.

Moreover, as it is an inpatient rehab clinic near Witney, your family member will undergo rehabilitation in a safe, positive, and substance-free residential setting. 

One of the best things about this rehab centre near Witney, Oxfordshire, is – it has lots of greenery and serenity around. So your loved one can focus on their treatment while channelising all their energies towards recovery.

Rest assured, our team of experienced clinical and support professionals provide personalised care and attention. Furthermore, Banbury Lodge near Witney specialises in treating teenagers dealing with addiction. 

The salient features of Banbury Lodge near Witney, Oxfordshire, include the following:

  • 22 private bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms
  • Two shared accommodations
  • Relaxing ambience
  • In-house gym
  • Nutritious meals prepared by best-in-class chefs
  • 24/7 care and support
  • Quick admission

Pictures of Banbury Lodge near Witney

Here are several pictures of Banbury Lodge. These will give you a sense of how this rehab facility near Witney looks! 

Banbury Lodge alcohol and drug rehab centre picture 4

Banbury Lodge alcohol and drug rehab centre picture 5

Banbury Lodge alcohol and drug rehab centre picture 6

Virtual tour of Banbury Lodge: Let’s take you through Banbury Lodge near Witney via this video.

What conditions do we treat at Banbury Lodge near Witney?

At Banbury Lodge near Witney, we go above and beyond the call of duty to break the stigma around addiction. Our goal is to ensure that more and more caregivers can help their loved ones fight substance abuse and get access to holistic treatment and care.

We detox and rehabilitate our clients for all forms of drug addiction and alcoholism under one roof. Moreover, we provide the perfect support system for someone struggling with behavioural disorders like binge eating, gambling, sex, and porn addiction.

Here is a list of the main treatment options at Banbury Lodge near Witney: 

  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • 12-step rehab
  • Group sessions
  • One-to-One plan
  • Family programme
  • Art therapy
  • Trauma therapy
  • Yoga and meditation

Client experiences at Banbury Lodge near Witney

Client feedback means a lot to us. It encourages us to continue the high standards of services and, at the same time, improve if there is even a slight room for it. Let’s find out what client experience tells at Banbury Lodge near Witney:

“Even though I’ve only come here for the detox , I’ve found the treatment spot on, loved how the groups are done and really liked the accommodation. I feel prepared to go to secondary care now and feel like the staff here have really helped me with my anxiety and treatment in general.” – MW


“Bernie is absolutely faultless having previously been here I knew she was the right therapist for me. The program is much more useful the second time round after not committing to AA last time, I know that is what is required of me to maintain my recovery. The staff are good, and will always try to your needs.” – Rn


“I have found the whole process a revelation, with very caring and well trained staff. Great programmes and wonderful group of peers.” Ph

Free support groups available near Witney

If you are unable to send your loved one to a private rehab clinic near Witney for financial or other reasons, do not be disappointed. You can always count on the local support groups operating in the area. Their services are free of cost. Here is a list of meetings you can access:

Alcoholics Anonymous near Witney

Witney Tuesday 

Davenport Rd Methodist Church, 

Davenport Rd

Time: Tuesday, 19:30

Postcode: OX28 6EJ


Our Lady & St Hugh’s Church, 

Moorland Rd

Time: Monday, 19:30

Postcode: OX28 5YA


The Bartholomew Room, Market Sq, 

High St, Eynsham

Time: Thursday, 20:00

Postcode: OX29 4HW

Narcotics Anonymous near Witney

Experience, Strength & Hope

Upstairs, Turning Point, 

Marlborough House, Marlborough Lane, 

Witney, Oxfordshire, OX28 6DY

Time: Thursday, 19:30

Saturday Night Fever

Church of The Holy Family, 

1 Cuddesdon Way, Blackbird Leys, Oxford, 

Oxfordshire, OX4 6JH

Time: Saturday, 19:00

Oxford Saturday Lunchtime

Large Back Room, 

St Columba’s United Reformed Church, 

The Wheatsheaf, Alfred Street, Oxford, 

Oxfordshire, OX1 4EX

Time: Saturday, 13:00

Cocaine Anonymous near Witney

Cocaine Anonymous – Witney

Langdale Hall

Witney OX28 6AB

UK Oxfordshire

Time: Wednesday, 19:30

Newcomers’ Meeting

Restore Garden Cafe

Manzil Way


Oxford OX4 1YH

UK Oxfordshire

Time: Monday, 19:30

Working with others

Church of the holy family

1 Cuddesdon Way

Oxford OX4 6JH

UK Oxfordshire

Time: Tuesday, 19:30 

Travelling to Banbury Lodge from Witney

Witney is a lively market town nestled by the River Windrush in Oxfordshire. Only 12 miles from Oxford city, the town is idyllic yet well-connected to the rest of the country through seamless transportation. Loved for its musical concerts, schools, and weekly market, Witney is one of the best places in Oxfordshire.

By road: There are three routes to travel from Witney to Banbury Lodge in Oxfordshire. These include – A4095 & A4260 motorways, B4022 & A361 motorways, and M40 motorways. The fastest route in this line is via the A4095 & A4260. It covers around 23.7 miles in just 36 minutes. 

Via train: The nearest railway station to Witney is Finstock. It takes around 48 minutes to travel from Finstock to Banbury Lodge.

Finding a rehab clinic near Witney

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