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Summoning the courage to admit that you’re an addict and need help is not easy. Subsequently, you should to talk to your local health provider, who can refer you to various addiction services across Gloucestershire. At any treatment centre, an assessment will be carried out to determine your specific needs.

Treatment providers in Gloucestershire are very welcoming and attentive, helping you to beat your addiction on the road to recovery. Gloucestershire’s private rehab clinics welcome individuals from far and wide, while the county treatment centres provide free comprehensive services for all Gloucestershire residents.

A Brief Overview of Our Services

Banbury Lodge is a rehab operating in a tranquil location in Banbury, Oxfordshire. We provide excellent bespoke rehabilitation services for clients in and around this area. Our rehab is only 45 miles away from Gloucestershire (via A436)

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Drug and Alcohol addiction treatment
  • Eating disorder addiction and recovery treatment
  • 12 Step Therapy
  • Aftercare
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • Family Recovery Programme
  • Trauma Therapy

We have a robust team of professionals operating in a world-class facility.

Can’t make the trip to the rehab on your own? We have a sober transport service that can take you to the rehab and back to your home.

Call us today to discuss your options.

Pros and Cons of Private Rehab


  • Immediate admission to a safe and nurturing environment
  • Medical detox with 24/7 care & support
  • Overcome the root causes of addiction
  • Experienced team of doctors & therapists
  • Personalised rehabilitation programme
  • Look, feel, sleep better & regain confidence
  • Learn techniques for relapse prevention
  • 1 year complimentary aftercare support

The cons
• Price can be a barrier which needs to be weighed up versus the long-term cost of drug and alcohol abuse
• Being away from friends and family which at first can be emotionally challenging

How Much Does Rehab Cost in Gloucestershire?

Different centres offer different financial packages, but prices at private rehab generally start from £1500 pounds. Rehab centres consider the financial status of the patient and offer payment options that you can afford. Most rehab centres partner with insurance companies, so your treatment and rehab might be at least partially covered if you have a valid policy.

Rehab centres that are commissioned by county or city councils usually offer free services to residents. However, residents may still have to contribute towards food and accommodation for the duration of their stay.

The Hygrove House in Gloucester and Gladstones Clinic in Cotswolds offer luxurious rehab centres and diverse programmes to address the needs of each individual. Both centres accept payments from partnered insurance companies and will work with you to create a payment plan.

Gloucestershire residents might be referred to rehab centres in other nearby counties. The Salvation Army is a charity that offers free quality rehab services for men at Gloucester House in Swindon. Over in Oxfordshire, Banbury Lodge provides quality and affordable services with immediate admission.

Free/NHS Addiction Treatment Options in Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire County Council

Has commissioned two providers to offer free treatment services across the region.

Turning Point is a charity organisation that provides free treatment services for drug and alcohol abusers, operating across various locations throughout the county, including Gloucester, Stroud, Cheltenham, Cinderford, Tewksbury, and Moreton in Marsh. They offer:

  • Residential detox and rehab services
  • Drug intervention programmes
  • Psychological intervention
  • Care coordination
  • Clinical services
  • Supported People services
  • Open access services

Change Grow Live (CGL), has locations in Cheltenham, Gloucester and Stroud.

CGL provides the following services:

  • Assessment for detox or residential treatment
  • Access to treatment
  • Clinical services
  • Prescriptions
  • Group work
  • Counselling
  • Care coordination
  • Needle exchange
  • Family support

You can find them at Bramery House, Alstone Lane, Cheltenham; Imperial Chambers, 41-43 Longsmith Street, Gloucester; and Bankfield House, 13 Wallbridge, Bath Road, Stroud.

Addiction Support Groups in Gloucestershire

You can find support groups all over the county. Various AA and NA meetings take place regularly at different locations. All treatment centres – both public and private – have support groups in place as part of your recovery programme. Gloucestershire’s Community Recovery Project (known as The Hub) offers links to different support groups, including SMART recovery, Nelson Trust, Al-Anon and Cheltenham Parents Support group.

Most support groups offer services for recovering addicts. Meanwhile, others provide programmes for a more diverse clientele – such as support for entire families with at least one member dealing with addiction; support for parents of addicts; and support for those whose lives have been affected by someone else’s addiction. It’s easy to find the group closest to you and attend their meetings, which are regularly scheduled.

How to Choose a Recovery Programme

The success of your recovery ultimately depends on you. Treatment and rehab centres in Gloucestershire offer services to aid the recovery process, including counselling, support groups, and nature’s helping hand. You’ll need to work with your service provider to plan the recovery process that’s best suited to you.

Most recovery centres combine lecture and nature style recovery programmes, and you can choose one or both. The lecture process includes interactive sessions with former addicts and peer mentoring via group work, while the nature route involves animal-assisted therapy or outdoor adventures. Some facilities even have fitness centres for your health and fitness needs, with psychotherapists on hand to address your mental health requirements.

List of NA meetings in/near Gloucestershire

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is a non-profit organisation comprising various individuals from different walks of life, who are in recovery from drug addiction.

It is a programme that promotes complete abstinence from all drugs and there are regular meetings in and around Gloucestershire which anyone in recovery can attend.


Nailsworth Subscription Rooms, 11 Bath Road, Nailsworth GL6 0JB
Sunday 5:30 pm (Open to all)


The Hub Bistro, 59 Southgate street, Gloucester GL1 1TX
Sunday 6:00 pm (Open to all)


Highbury Congregational Church, Oxford Street (off London Road)
Cheltenham GL52 6DT
Monday 7:00 pm (open to all)

List of AA meeting in/near Gloucestershire

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a non-profit organisation comprising various individuals from different walks of life, who are in recovery from alcoholism addiction.

It is a programme that promotes complete abstinence from alcohol and there are regular meetings in and around Gloucestershire which anyone in recovery can attend.


Town Hall, Salter St, GL13 9DB
Wednesday 19.30

Cam Methodist Church

Chapel St, Cam, GL11 5NX
Monday 19.30


Friends Meeting House, Warwick Place, off Portland St, GL52 2NP
Sunday 20.00
Monday 19.45
Friday (Beginner’s Meeting) 19.30

Addiction Counselling in/near Gloucestershire

Counselling is a major part of the addiction recovery process and is incorporated into every treatment and rehab programme, including Gloucester’s Turning Point and CGL. Counsellors will assist in getting the help you need in any centre you walk into.

Certified psychologists in government and private hospitals are well-equipped to offer addiction counselling services. Meanwhile, equally certified independent addiction psychologists and counselling services are dotted throughout various locations across the county.

Local Government Addiction Resources in Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire County Council is dedicated to the well-being of its residents. The council has commissioned the services of Turning Point and CGL to provide free addiction services and offers referrals to private rehab centres in and around the county. The council website offers information and links to the various health services offered by the county and its partners.

How Can I Get to and from Gloucestershire?

Gloucester Airport

Located in Staverton, is a limited capacity airport catering to private and chartered flights. Commercial fliers should use Heathrow Airport, with regular buses scheduled to run between the airport and Gloucester for as low as £2. Taxi services are also available from the airport to your destination. Buses are run by National Express, Distribution, and Megabus. For car users, different roads dissect the county, connecting numerous towns.


The A38 connects Gloucester city with Tewkesbury and Bristol, while the A40 connects Gloucester to Cheltenham. The A46 and A173 pass through Gloucester to Stroud, and A417 connects Gloucester to its southeast and northwest neighbours.


There are several major railway stations in the county, located at AshChurch, Cam and Dursley, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Kemble, Lydney, Moreton-in-Marsh, Stonehouse, and Stroud. Train services are operated by Northern Rail, National Rail and Great Western Rail. Schedules and ticket prices are available on the relevant websites.

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