We detox and rehabilitate clients for alcoholism and all drug addictions

Alcohol addiction

At Banbury Lodge, we are working hard to break down the stigma currently surrounding alcohol addiction to ensure that more people like you can access programmes that can help them regain control of their life. We offer personalised detox and rehabilitation for our clients who are looking for help.

Our Alcohol Treatment Programme

Drug addiction

If you have developed a physical dependence on a mood-altering substance such as cocaine, cannabis, heroin, prescription medication, or any other type of drug, Banbury Lodge is here to help you. You do not have to continue struggling with drug addiction any longer.

Our Drug Treatment Programme


As part of our treatment programme here at Banbury Lodge, we will work hard to involve your family members in your recovery. A part of our family recovery programme will be addressing any co-dependency issues within your family unit.

Our Co-dependency Treatment programme

Co-Occurring Disorders

Mental health problems often occur in those who abuse mood-altering chemicals such as alcohol or drugs. We have a team of fully trained, professional therapists ready to help you overcome your diagnosis once and for all.

Our Treatment Programme for Co-occurring disorders

Eating Disorders

An eating disorder is a serious mental health disorder that can have dangerous consequences for those affected. If you are struggling with an eating disorder and/or mental health problems, Banbury Lodge can help. We have a team of therapists with specialist knowledge of how to treat all types of ED. We also have a treatment plan designed for teenagers aged 16-18.

Our Treatment Programme For Eating Disorders

Gambling addiction

If you suffer from a gambling addiction, it can have devastating consequences for you and your family members. To this end, Banbury Lodge works hard to provide treatment and support to help all those affected to overcome this destructive illness.

Our Gambling Treatment Programme

Prescription drugs

Prescription medication can actually be harmful, particularly when abused or when taken over a prolonged period. Although prescription drug addiction is a growing problem in this country, you should know that Banbury Lodge can effectively treat and help you manage this illness.

More on Prescription drugs

Sex and love addiction

If you believe that your sexual activity is out of control and is having a negative impact on your everyday life, it could be that you have a sex addiction. We understand that this is a serious issue that may be causing harm to your life and the lives of those you love. We want you to know that you can count on us to help you overcome these problems.

Our Sex/Love Treatment Programme

Refer today 0203 553 3757

Refer today 0203 553 3757

Refer today 0203 553 3757

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